Enterprise Time and Attendance

Trying to manage today’s rapidly evolving workforce with outdated tools drags down productivity, raises costs, and increases your risk of noncompliance. Our clients realize the biggest return-on-investment by streamlining the data flow within a single database solution.  Experience one of the most accurate and versatile web-based time and attendance applications on the market. This application has been created to address the complex and evolving needs within your industry. Migrating to our Time & Attendance system is affordable and easy, especially with an assigned, dedicated team of specialist there to support you along the way.

Time & Attendance System Highlights

  • Flexible Accruals Engine: incorporates company requirements such as eligibility, tenure, and hours worked. Automate your PTO policy and reduce manually efforts used today.
  • Time-Off Request Workflow: allows employees to access their PTO balances and request time-off electronically. Managers will received notification and can either accept or decline the request simplifying the current process that may be in place.
  • Customizable Reports: easy, real-time reporting capabilities to help make better business decisions.
  • Exception Tracking: automatically displayed on the dashboard eliminating the need to search for them.
  • Workforce Management Dashboard: dashboards
  • Labor Distribution: allocate time to different departments across a single or multiple locations.
  • Dynamic Scheduling: provides the ability to enter and change schedules on the fly, whether they are based on a daily, weekly, or other recurring pattern. This flexible frame of reference allows employees to be assigned to schedules or vice versa.
  • Powerful Rate Tracking: on a global and/or personal level includes multipliers which assess the impact of change prior to running payroll for special rate conditions and effective dating.


There are an almost unlimited number of ways to view information, which allows employers, managers, and administrators to see exactly what types of data they need, and when they need it.

  • Create individual report settings using advanced filtering or custom columns that can be shared on a global or departmental level.
  • Choose from a wide range of exports options including CSV, Excel, PDF, and XML.
  • Save reports to easily access in the future.
  • E-mail notification can be set-up and key recipients added to ensure decision makers receive the reports they need when they need them.
Data Collection Options

Data Collection Options

  • Web-Punch: functionality directly through the company portal offering an affordable option to those organizations that don’t need the presence of physical clock.
  • Biometric time clock: options that are able to meet the needs of any small business.
  • Proximity clocks: easily programmable and can
  • Magnetic Stripe: options that are affordable and will accurately accept time punches in the harshest of business environments.
  • Mobile Application: for those employees working offsite but needing to have their hours tracked