Payroll & Tax

Our payroll solution puts you in complete control every step of the way.  Continuous processing makes payroll available whenever you need it.  A versatile pay rules engine makes it easy to determine pay for regular or overtime hours and supports any number of scenarios, such as shift differential, order of importance, location, and more.  Our solution provides quick access to the data you need to ensure payroll is processed accurately and efficiently.

Payroll & Tax System Highlights

Payroll & Tax System Highlights

  • Intuitive, real-time processing so you have the information you need before you submit payroll, and can make the appropriate adjustments if need be.
  • No Traditional Pre-Processing
  • Security Profiles give you the ability to customize unlimited levels of access, which is particularly important when it comes to sensitive payroll information.
  • Tax Engine that imports information directly from the local taxing authorities providing confidence that your payroll is accurately being processed, and your business remains in compliance.
  • Payroll wizard that easily walks you through a simple step by step process to quickly and accurately submit your payroll.
  • Apply date-activated payroll alerts with mandatory approval
  • Alerts administrators for potential discrepancies.
  • Automatically calculates and manages the employer contribution for employee deductions.
  • Easy new hire and electronic on-boarding process.
Go Paperless with APS

Go Paperless with APS

  • Mobile Application empowering employees and managers to access important information. Great for employees working remotely or those in field based roles.
  • Online company portal providing a great resource for employees to receive company announcements and other forms of communication.
  • Access to electronic pay-statements and W-2’s.
  • Seamlessly complete I-9’s and W-4’s online including electronic signature.
  • Online Reporting tool that is easy to use and fully customizable.
  • Choose from a wide range of exports options including CSV, Excel, PDF, and XML.
HR Support Center

HR Support Center

  • Available 24/7: access online for all of your HR needs
  • Policy Library & HR Forms: library of standard business policies and forms. State and Federal laws written in easy to understand terms.
  • Employee Handbook: downloadable and Customizable by industry.
  • eAlerts: instant notification of important law updates
  • HR Checklists & Guides: checklists to help organize business tasks, and guides providing helpful references in following particular business procedures.
  • Job Descriptions: catalog of job description to help in finding the rights talent
  • Monthly Newsletter: alerts and articles to stay current
  • Q&A Database: hundreds of questions answered by HR Pros

HR Pro

With the HR Pro, your company can virtually outsource or extend your HR department and access expertise in the HR arena. Our experienced and certified HR Professionals work with you to address your business specific questions and needs, including:

  • Ask the Pro: Address your situational questions in regards to legal compliance and personnel issues, and receive a response within one business day.
  • Document Customization: Our HR Pros will create and / or customize your HR documents, and review for potential legal concerns.
  • Employee Handbook Development: Schedule a personal appointment with an HR Pro to develop a custom Employee Handbook and a plan

Knowledge Pass

This learning application provides access to online, role-based educational content and support resources to get employees and managers quickly trained and using your solution how you intended them to. Employees who are knowledgeable about the system are able to use it more effectively, providing a greater return on your investment.

Videos, presentations, & step-by-step guides are included as resources and will be part of your payroll solution. We take the guesswork out!